Robin Howat

Bricks that Build Us. Book 1.

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We live in a time of increasing conflict due to ignorance, lack of self-discipline and polarization. Just look at what happened in recent events at the White House! Other examples are the Covid Tanker blockade, destructive rioting in cities, hospitals coming under siege, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.... all were and are avoidable.
Staple Society results from succeeding constructive and protective concepts meeting obligations which generally follow traditions aimed at accepted common responsibilities.
Rob Howat discusses and explores these social building blocks in these four books with facts and examples. He shows that for society and the law to work responsibilities must be fulfilled before meaningful rights can follow. He suggests the ongoing need for calm discussion, research and reviews, an aim for balance, and well-understood and universally agreed 'ground rules' for educational pursuits.
The best time to open calm discussions with a goal to start building change is now, using constructive philosophy, logic, and religious proven wisdom. This set of books will greatly simplify and assist in building that deeper informed debate.
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