Matthew A. Goodwin

Drudge Match

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The epic finale. It is time to take down the megacorporations once and for all.
The people of B.A. City are ready to throw off the yoke of their oppressors. At last, Moss and his friends are able to take the fight directly to the companies, but are they too late? Their enemy acts first and Moss finds himself having to save the planet before he can free it.
The shadows of his past continue to haunt him and every decision he has made comes into question as Moss enters the final showdown with his former employer. What he wants, and what he is willing to do to get it, plague his malfunctioning mind. Old friends become the key to victory but only if they can survive long enough.
Can Moss finally avenge his parents and set the planet free?
Find out in Drudge Match: A Cyberpunk Saga (Book 7)!
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