Leslie J. Hoppe

Holy Land

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This expertly taught 12-lecture course unearths the fascinating material culture of the Holy Land.
A palimpsest of unique proportions, the Holy Land traces its history back across the many hands through which it passed: Roman, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim alike. By excavating the region’s rich grounds, archaeologists allow us to glimpse an array of ancient civilizations. As you peel back the layers of the Holy Land, you will gain a greater appreciation for its shifting history: the one-time City of David, the site of Jesus’ Galilean ministry, later the home of the emperor Constantine, and today the land shared by each Abrahamic faith.
In Holy Land: An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology, leading archaeology expert and Catholic Theological Union professor Fr. Leslie J. Hoppe (PhD, Northwestern) reveals the Holy Land to you in a new light. The first lecture of the course introduces you to the enterprise of "biblical archaeology". Under Fr. Hoppe’s expert guidance, you will then learn about the histories and cultures of civilizations from the Iron Age up through the arrival of the Muslims in Jerusalem. As you explore the material culture of one of the world’s most storied regions, including such famous treasures as the Dome of the Rock and the Dead Sea Scrolls, you will gain new insights into scripture, history, and three major world religions. You will conclude with a discussion of biblical archaeology’s unresolved issues, challenges from modern-day political debates, and future prospects. Discover the legacy in stone still standing amidst the dust of civilizations.
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