Jack London

Love of Life

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Jack London (1876—1916) — a writer whose works are enthusiastically read all over the world. His collection “Love of Life” is one of the brilliant pearls of his Northern stories cycle. Alaska is the place where each person should reveal their own real features. The North makes equal the poor and the rich; the intense cold does not take into account the infirmity; harsh, biting wind is indifferent to the social status, and a wild beast does not discriminate between social standings. In the confrontation with the severe nature, the heroes of the adducted works vanquish not only thanks to their courage, endurance, energy, but first and foremost, due to the strength of mind, an obsession with life, the capability even in the extreme situations to remain a Human.

classic, Love of Life, Alaska, feelings, adventure short stories, courage, endurance, energy, strength of mind, an obsession with life
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