Reigo Vilbiks

Best Day Ever

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This affirmative morning meditation will lift you up, raise your vibration to the highest. Just allow yourself to wake up like a morning flower. Because you are a flower. Just listen to my voice and the soothing music on the background and let go - let in - allow.
Affirmations are vibrational patterns that will start to resonate in your body-mind. The more you listen to these positive and uplifting affirmations, the more you start to take over the resonance of abundance, joy, happiness, and wellbeing. Listening to this audio while meditating, will speed up your manifestation. You create your reality with your vibration.
This will be the best day ever!
Good morning. This is the best morning. The beginning of my best day. Today I will live happily ever after. Because my life is so beautiful and I choose it.
Its a special day. I am so looking forward to this fantastic day.
I am completely new me now. This is a really good day. I am feeling fresh and alive. I am wide awake and excited to begin my best day ever. I can feel the excitement growing in my body just like a morning flower that is warming up in the sun. My heart expands and grows bigger and bigger. It vibrates, resonates throughout my body. I can feel it, i can sense it in the air, I can see it, i can smell it. It is so radiant, just like a flower i attract amazing beings into my life who will lift me up even more. I just love waking up happy and satisfied.
I am in perfect harmony with my higher self. The one who is watching me on the mountain top.
Guiding me, to always follow my highest joy. Guiding me to the most easiest path.
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