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Flight Hacking: Learn the Secrets to Flying for Free

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?In recent years, travel has become increasingly more popular. Instead of buying expensive jewelry, the latest car or designer goods, people are now opting to buy new experiences. Whether you are just out of education, just got married, have a young family or are in retirement, everyone wants to travel.
However, travel can be expensive. In recent years, fares for flights have increased dramatically. The days of flying for rock-bottom prices have sadly gone.
Or so we thought.
There are numerous ways that you can fly for reduced fares or for free, providing you know the right places to go and the right techniques to use. There are certain websites you can go to which offer highly reduced fares and even airline error fares, giving you the opportunity to fly for the cheapest prices imaginable.
One minute you’re sat behind a screen, the next you’re lounging by the pool in some exotic location with a cocktail in hand, laughing to yourself when the person next door to you says they’ve spent thousands, while you’ve spent only a fraction of that price.
It does not need to be expensive to fly. You can travel from city to city, from country to country, for low prices if you know what you are doing. There are certain days of the week when it’s cheaper to fly, certain airlines are known for offering reduced prices, and there are websites that cater to budget airlines.
Within these pages, you will discover how to fly around the world for ridiculously small amounts of money, and even for free.
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