E.A. Sandrose

The Every Stone

On Precios, gemstones can cure everything from heartache to heartburn—unless you're one of the children doomed to Devil's Crown to mine them.
All Yrund wants is to get back to her beloved home in the Sky Country, but escaping the powerful Mining Wield will take more than just courage. Especially when Yrund accidentally steals the only living stone found in centuries.
Journey into a rich new world where wonder and peril are never far apart—a tale of poetry-loving pirates, rebel bands of herders, invisible forest creatures, and a mysterious gemstone with a mind all her own.
By turns heartwarming and harrowing, The Every Stone is about friendship, survival, and finding your power where you least expect it.
Thirteen-year old Yrund was a goat herder before she was captured and condemned to dig for the very jewels forbidden by her people.
Gem Beard was a pirate in the Long Sea before the Spice Wars relegated him to guarding children miles underground.
The Mining Wield thinks they own them both. But Yrund is determined to get out. That is if she can just stay alive...
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