Scott Medbury


The thug ran his hand down the warm curve of her thigh, and it wasn’t until an impossibly strong hand gripped his arm that he realized the girl, was no girl at all. Still, if not for bad timing he might have left the room alive...
Things aren’t always as they seem. The girl in the box is unbelievably beautiful and while Ivan Petrovic knows she’s a Synthetic, he experiences cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile her appearance and what she actually is. That turns out to be a real problem when his cruel boss, Molenski, now the proud owner of the most advanced human form robot on the planet, leaves them alone together.
The more Ivan gets to know Inga, the less machine-like she seems. There are so many questions. Just who did Molenski have the stunning robot modelled upon and what did he plan to do with her? Surely, she wasn’t just to be a sexbot? Ivan has to know, but fears the answers will be terrifying.
Within hours of his boss’ special delivery things get very ugly, very fast and Ivan will be caught right in the middle of the murder and mayhem.
Don’t miss this adrenaline fueled, haunting near future thriller from the author who gave us the bestselling post-apocalyptic series, AMERICA FALLS.
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