G.R. Daniels

Gulliver's Ghost - Revenge

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Gulliver's Ghost - Revenge is the sequel to the popular ghostly mystery Gulliver's Ghost. Cut-Throat Gulliver was a real pirate plundering ships and settlements in and along Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy in the late 1600 and early 1700s. The novel, except for Gulliver, is fictional but the action, mystery, suspense and thrills are real. Matt Lasalle and his sidekick, Constable Bobby Brennan are members of the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In Gulliver's Ghost, the two cops investigated the deaths of two American fortune hunters seeking Gulliver's treasure. They end up in a cave in Gulliver's Cove facing a pirate's ghost and his killer wife. Gulliver's Cove - Revenge takes up the tale as another treasure hunter tempts fate to hunt for pirate gold at Gulliver's Cove. Gulliver's wife and daughter are desperate to protect their eternal family from Gulliver's revenge over the loss of his plunder. Matt Lasalle and Bobby Brennan are again faced with investigating suspects they can't reveal to anyone. It's a case that takes the cops - and the supernatural beings - from a cavern in Nova Scotia to a castle in Toronto.. Gulliver's Ghost and Gulliver's Ghost - Revenge are thrilling reads for those who savour stories of pirates, ghosts, crime and cops all presented in two exciting audiobooks.
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