Cathryn Cooper

First Time for Everything

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A collection of four erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

First Time For Everything by Mary Borsellino
They say that you always remember your first kiss, your first love and your first time. When they all coincide on the eve of a new millenium and with the boy you've been wanting for years that's definitely the case.

Backstory by Frances Jones
Two reporters find that jousting for the best story is a real passion. The endless city hall meetings are always good for a hot lead, and things are even hotter behind closed doors where their passion makes the words come alive

Farmer's Daughter by Landon Dixon
Its a hot and steamy summer when Allen is sent to the farm for a long day of sorting out the accounts. The job is made far more interesting by the farmers daughter who turns out to be hotter than the summer.

High Heels And Monster Bikes by Kitti Bernetti
We all have things that push our buttons, things that turn us on even when we're supposed to be working. For Matt it's shoes. He's been enjoying daydreaming his life away to the clicketty clack of high heels. When fate walks up to him wearing killer heel the only thing he can do is to put the dreams on the pillion and ride in to the sunset.
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