Bridget E. Baker

The Anchored Series Collection

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What if saving our world means destroying another?

Alora's brain has always been a little strange. No matter how hard things on Earth got, and they got pretty awful, she always dreamt that she possessed amazing telekinetic powers on another world. Her brother called them her delusions of grandeur.

But when things start to go unbelievably well on Earth—hot guys asking her out and her brother landing a terrific job—everything falls apart in her dream world. As people she's seen in her dreams begin to appear on Earth, Alora fears that the two worlds may in fact be connected.

And that's bad.

Because according to a prophecy in her dreams, she's the only one who can save their world. At first it made no sense, but she's beginning to think that she'll have to choose. If they can't both continue, which world should she save, and which world will have to burn?
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