Teresa deBorde Glenn

Becoming A Peaceful Mom ~ Through Every Season of Raising Your Child

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An Encouraging, Practical Guide to Having Peace and Partnering with God as a Mom.
Do you crave peace? Are stress and feelings of inadequacy your constant companions? Peaceful mom. It hardly seems that the words could go together. Yet the peace we crave can be ours in every season of raising children. Whether you have teenagers or toddlers, being a mom is a daunting and amazing responsibility—and it's a part of God's design for you. You are deeply loved by God, and you are not on your own as you raise your child. Learn to partner with God and discover how he works in and through you to shape your child. See how he uses the ordinary experiences of your day to cultivate his anchoring peace in your heart. Be encouraged and motivated through reflection and prayer examples, personal stories, and scripture applications.
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