Anna Ihrén

The Ice Fisher

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Frigid waters, frozen clues and one fatal crime.

When the research vessel "Idun" arrives in Smögen's harbour one early winter morning, the head of research, Kaj Malmberg, is found dead in his cabin.

Drawn into this murder investigation that puts their cooperation and important relationships across national borders at risk, Dennis Wilhelmson and Sandra Haraldsson race to solve a crime that threatens to shake the research elite.

But is the killer in Smögen, or is he still on board the "Idun"? And could an event during the icy winters of the Second World War have a bearing on the case?

"The Ice Fisher" is the exciting continuation of the "Murders on Smögen" series and the sequel to "The Man on the Beach".

Anna Ihrén grew up in Stockholm and Gothenburg but spent her childhood summers on the island of Smögen. Her series of crime novels 'The Smögen Murders' has become very popular, 'The Man on the Beach' being the first book in the series.
Emma Ericson
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