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Jwyan C. Johnson

My Mental Girlfriend

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It’s another ‘street fight on a chessboard’ as Criminal Justice leads a coin-toss, exploring the flip sides of Pretty Penny, Lucky Penny, and Penny Saver. One prosecutor believes just one Penny makes ‘sense.’ With her defense attorneys, Miles Ahead and The Jury Whisperer, it's a courtroom war sure to collect every penny and ‘make change.’

With forbidden affairs, a Mental Girlfriend, and a mysterious diary, trial is set for Mya Penny. For awareness to win, it must reveal more than a Juliet tattoo.

My Mental Girlfriend is a ‘penny for your thoughts’ in a cozy murder mystery. Its whodunit collection ranges from a missing boyfriend, to a stepmom, from the biological mother, to even the victim herself with a Romeo & Juliet self-infliction!

“Only a poor heart will nickel-and-dime a penny” – Jwyan C. Johnson
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