Michelle Miller,Asgerbo Persson

Mindful Pleasure Guides 4 – Read by sexologist Michelle Miller

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Turn on your lust. Listen and learn.
Mindful pleasure guides is a playful guide series created to boost your pleasure and your sexual skills. The series is instructed by sexologists Michelle Miller and Asgerbo, and the fourth episode in the series includes a guide on how to pleasure a woman.

So lean back, let go and enjoy the sexual journey - with yourself or with your partner.

Michelle Miller is a trained psychologist at Copenhagen University and a sexologist at the School of Sexology.
She is running Millerstherapi, which is a therapy, -lecture - and course company for women, men and couples who wish to work in depth with psychological resources and dynamics and with the sexuality, as a way to create healing and transformation in themselves and in their relationships.

Asgerbo is a certified sexologist and the creator of handisex.dk. He specializes in disabilities and the male sexuality. He works with people with disabilities on all aspects of sexuality. In addition, he teaches support staff, relatives and professionals.
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