Simone Leigh

The Master's Child - Box Set Two

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The Enemy Is Out There…The Master’s Child, baby Cara, has been born and, now safely home, Charlotte is recovering from her ordeal. Christmas is here and everyone is relaxing.
Or are they?
Charlotte’s captor, Finchby, is dead. But his accomplice, Baxter, is still loose, hell-bent on revenge against her father, Klempner.
Is this the calm before the storm?
Where is Baxter?
And what is he doing?
A BDSM, Ménage, Erotic Thriller
This ‘Box Set’ contains the following audiobooks from the 'Master's Child' series, previously published separately:
Part Four - Kirstie's ChristmasPart Five - PredatorPart Six - PreyTotal Play Time: Approx Ten Hours, Forty Minutes
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