Charles Breakfield,Roxanne Burkey

The Enigma Beyond

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Can the R-Group Terminate the Poisoned Supercomputers in Time?
US Congressional leaders are investigating the technology stronghold of the MAG leaders. It may be too late. MAG has geopolitical ambitions using artificially intelligent supercomputers to control politics, social media, finances, healthcare, and military defenses across the world.
Jacob, Petra and other key members of the R-Group, including ICABOD find evidence of extensive and deadly cover ups by unknown culprits.
Now they’re forced to use the current crisis to train their next generation of cyber savvy techno geeks against the AI cyber threats infused into every aspect of human life.
With all that the R-Group youth have been taught, will it be enough to unravel the mystery involving the US and Chinese defense spacestations? Will the R-Group find the solution before humans become servants?
Tech·nol·o·gy (tek’näl je) is Today’s weapon of choice….
In the eleventh installment of The Enigma Series, authors Breakfield and Burkey set the stage for a compelling tale of what happens when the technology we trust goes awry.
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