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Fractured Soul

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I might be immortal. Shocking, right? I couldn’t believe it, either.
My mom never told me we were descendants of Atlantis. She never mentioned our family’s magical powers or ancient history with other immortal beings. Nope. I only learned about all of that after she was kidnapped in New York.
Now I’m surrounded by them. They call themselves Keepers—descendants of Atlantis, Olympus, and a city in the middle of the earth. But despite their powers, none of them can answer my questions.
Where is my mom? Who is my real father? And why is a super hot immortal hunter chasing after my soul?
The answer may lie within an ancient stone tablet, if only I can survive long enough to find it.
Daughter of Sea and Sky is perfect for fans craving a more grown-up version of Percy Jackson. One-click now if you love:
Slow-burn enemies to lovers romanceA quirky found familyRich magical history and mythology woven into a modern setting
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