Howard Lovecraft,Henry Kuttner,Clark Ashton Smith,Arthur J.Burks,Bram Stoker,Donald Wandrei

HorrorBabble's Night Terrors

In App anhören
A collection of stories exploring the struggles of the unconcious mind.
Vale of the Corbies by Arthur J. Burks (Weird Tales, 1925)
Dreams of an unkindness of ravens.
A Dream of Red Hands by Bram Stoker (The Sketch, 1894)
The sad tale of a man plagued by terrible nightmares.
Thirteen Phantasms by Clark Ashton Smith (The Fantasy Magazine, 1936)
A series of strange visions torment a sick man.
The Lady in Gray by Donald Wandrei (Weird Tales, 1933)
A strange woman and a loathsome gray slug.
The Crawling Chaos by H. P. Lovecraft (Beyond the Wall of Sleep, 1943)
The consequences of dabbling with opium.
The Watcher at the Door by Henry Kuttner (Weird Tales, 1939)
The horrible dreams of a man called Edward Keene.
The Man in the Tree by Ian Gordon (That Time of the Night, 2023)
A boy visited by a strange figure in a tree overlooking his bedroom window.
What Waits in Darkness by Loretta Burrough (Weird Tales, 1935)
A dreadful recurrent dream.
A Vignette by M. R. James (The London Mercury, 1936)
Nightmares connected to a haunted plantation.
The Dream Snake by Robert E. Howard (Weird Tales, 1928)
A terrified individual recounts the details of a recurring nightmare.
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