Devyn Morgan

Finding Love On Black Friday

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On Black Friday, all's fair in love, war, and shopping...
Twenty-seven year old Aiden Crawford's been single too long. He says he's choosy, his friends call it being too picky. Either way, he just can't find a good, trustworthy guy.
Aiden's best friend drags him out on an overnight Black Friday shopping trip as part of her scheme to profit from the year's hottest Christmas toys. Waiting outside in the long line, Aiden notices an attractive stranger that makes him question his disbelief in love at first sight.
Todd Valenti is tall, handsome, and too sexy for his own good. He says all the right things, but would the slick stud say or do anything just to get his hands on the last coveted toy on the shelf?
When emotions run high and holiday stress takes its toll on bargain hunters searching for the best deals ever, practically anything can happen in a department store...maybe even a gay guy finding love on Black Friday!
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