Orgasmic Irish: Erotic Fantasy Vignettes

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Gaelforce has long brought the charm & magic of Ireland to his erotic fantasy audios. In this special album, you're invited to fully surrender to the arousing beauty of the Irish Language.
This collection of achingly passionate erotic vignettes culminates with the final track "Orgasmic Gaelic" inviting you to an intimate erotic soundscape offered completely in the Irish tongue of Gaelic.
01 - Melt
Fuck me. Please. I need you. Let's melt into each other. Breathe the same breath. Share the same space. Become one.
02 - Breast Adoration
Come sit on my lap baby. Get comfortable. I plan to take my time appreciating you.
03 - Unbound: Unleashing My Lioness
Be bold, love. Say what you want. Tell me what you need. I'll give it to you. I'm hungry to meet your every desire.
04 - My Favourite Taste
Your sweetness on my tongue is my favourite taste in the world. Lay back, baby and let me taste you. I promise I won't miss a drop.
05 - What You Wear
What you wear isn't what makes you beautiful to me. It's not the ribbons or the lace that entice me. It's the gift inside.
06 - Lost In Your Pleasure
Watching you in your pleasure sends me over the edge baby. It lights my passion and awakens the animal in me.
07 - Home Sweet Home
When I get home, I'm. And I know just where to snack before I devour the main course.
08 - Midnight Girl: I Woke Up Wanting You
I was dreaming about you. We were fucking. And now I am awake and so on fire for you. I want to live what I dreamed.
09 - The Feel of You
Your body laying back against mine, the softness of your skin beneath my touch. The slow sultry glide of my finger through your wetness. I ache for the feel of you. I long for you to come apart in my hands.
10 - Cum In My Arms: My Cherished Love
Be close with me, my cherished love. Hold me in your arms. And I will hold you in mine. You are safe here.
11 - Orgasmic Gaelic
Chuisle mo chroí. You are the pulse of my heart.
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