Reigo Vilbiks

Deep Sleep Hypnosis

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When you have a worry or dis-ease, sleep on it. Sleep will heal anything.
Deep sleep is the magic power we all have. Every night you have the opportunity to let it all go,
and start completely new the next morning.
Sleep allows our bodies to heal and our minds to sort through any problems so that we can create our future.
Hypnosis and meditation are wonderful ways for us to access a slower brain frequency state, that is similar to when we are sleeping.
This allows for the creative brain to activate and begin the process of manifesting your desires.
Are you ready to go into a very relaxing state to allow yourself the deep sleep every night that you deserve?

This guided meditation will take you on a journey into your body and beyond.
The music and tones you hear in the background are Tibetan singing bowls which are bowed gently with a padded wooden mallet.
These bowls create organic brainwave entrainment sounds also called binaural beats or isochronic tones.
In this guided hypnosis, you will start to deeply relax every part of your body.
When you fully relax, you allow more consciousness to flow into your body. This is the healing state.
Your body-mind will relax completely until you start to drift off into a deep rejuvenating sleep. You will sleep like a baby.
When you sleep, you will let go of everything that you don´t need anymore.
You will be fresh and clean when you wake up in the morning.
Your new life has begun.
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