Peter Nealen

Shadows and Crows

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Brotherhood. Honor. Duty.
After surviving the initial horrors of the strange new world he finds himself in, Staff Sergeant Conor McCall and his Marine Recon platoon - or what’s left of it - have come to a safe haven where they and their newfound allies recover from the most brutal op of their lives.
But with MIAs left behind, there is unfinished business back in the Land of Ice and Monsters to the north.
Before the Marines can mount a rescue, the king to whom they are indebted reminds them that alliances go both ways. An ancient evil has raided the Elven kingdom and carried off a priceless treasure. Only Conor and his team have any hope of recovering it.
A brotherhood was forged between the Marines and Elves while in the north. For the sake of that brotherhood, Conor and the other Recon Marines will voyage across the sea, through dark, trackless, and cursed wilderness….
To the lair of evil, in the Land of Shadows and Crows!
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