Lisa Vild

Camgirl - erotic short story

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"This is so wrong, she thinks as she lets her fingers explore her skin. So wrong but so nice. For a moment she forgets that hundreds of eyes are watching her. All that is left in the world is the sound of her gasping breath and the sensation of her fingers moving down towards her underwear."

Ella is in desperate need of money. That‘s why she decides to do something that she would never do otherwise; something that is completely wrong. She closes her blinds, starts her laptop and lets her clothes fall to the floor piece after piece. She exposes herself completely and even though she knows what she is doing is wrong, she has never felt more right.

Camgirl is the first in a series of three short stories about how a young and inexperienced woman explores herself and her sexuality.

Lisa Vild is a pseudonym for a Swedish author of erotic short stories. In her stories, she explores sensitive but tantalising topics. Lisa thinks that sex should be for everyone and with her short stories she hopes to paint a normalised and nuanced picture of sex. If her stories are based on her own experience or not, we leave unsaid.
Emma Ericson
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