The Seeker Supernatural Science Collection

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Learn all about the science of everything supernatural from aliens and the origin of monsters to the truth about the paranormal in The Seeker Supernatural Science Collection!

The Truth Is Out There
Aliens have been a fascinating topic among humans for hundreds of years, so why haven’t we found them? Or better yet…why haven’t aliens found US yet? Dive into this best of collection from Seeker and explore all things extraterrestrial from what aliens may look like, sound like, and where they might be living. It may be closer than you think…

Is There Anything Normal About the Paranormal?
What makes something paranormal? Is it ghosts, telekinesis, a sixth sense? Or is it all made up in our heads? Dive into the world of the paranormal as Seeker answers questions like why scientists study paranormal events, why your house isn’t haunted and how your brain is the thing actually controlling the Oujia board you’re using at parties. You’ll be questioning everything you thought you knew about paranormal folklore by the end of this best of Seeker collection, available for the first time in audio.

Monster Science
For thousands of years, humans have discovered the real life monsters that lurk among us, along with some conjured up in our imaginations based on science, nature and the human experience. Learn about the scientific origins of history’s most infamous monsters like zombies, vampires, werewolves, unicorns and more in this curated collection by Seeker, available for the first time in audio.
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