P.A. Wilson

Rebuilding Hope Box Set

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Five years ago, plagues ravaged the world. Gangs are poised to run the cities. What we take for granted is disappearing. Can one woman save a small group of friends?
Lena’s city is changing. Her students fall to gangs. Her husband is consumed by his job of creating and enforcing the rules that strangle her. Staying with him means accepting a life constrained by rules and a slow decline into despair.
The world outside might be empty of people, but it’s full of hope and opportunity. If she can reach the farm, Lena will make a better life for herself and anyone who risks it all to join her.
A year after fleeing her home in search of peace and safety, Lena and her friends face a violent enemy who wants to control their small part of the world.
They won’t survive alone, but they have nothing to offer to make alliances. Can an old enemy help? Can the past be forgotten to ensure a future?
All Lena wanted was to live in peace. Her new family struggled to create a home in a disintegrating civilization. The dream was almost in her grasp.
Then people fleeing the gang ridden cities come demanding help she can’t give. Brian, her ex-husband, is determined to undermine her family. Scott, her lover, hungers for adventure. And a charismatic leader brings a terrible threat to her doorstep.
Being right about the future of the cities in this post-plague world is not worth the deadly challenges she faces.
The Rebuilding Hope Boxset is the complete series. If you like stories of strength in the face of adversity, you will enjoy Lena’s struggle to find peace in a decaying world.
Buy Rebuilding Hope Boxset today and root for Lena as she struggles through overwhelming challenges in search of peace.
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