Reigo Vilbiks

Sleep And Grow Rich

Welcome to my guided meditation, where you can change your life while you sleep.
These real life, practical affirmations are for you to manifest an amazingly rich and abundant life in your physical reality. A life that you have never seen before. Listen to these affirmations and let them resonate in you. Feel them fully in you. These affirmations are actually vibrational patterns. They will start to ring in your mind and body until you see your life changing in front of your eyes.
Listen to this meditation before you go to sleep or while sleeping. While you sleep, you are more receptive, and the affirmations can work on a deeper level. It is from the dream state, where your physical reality is created first. All manifestation starts with a vibration, always. Change your vibration, change your life. Change your feelings, change your reality.
Everything is already inside you. You are the most powerful being in this universe. And you can create whatever you desire. Here, trough these affirmations, you can get a reminder of how awesome you are. Here, you are being tuned in and turned on for your dream life. Are you ready to move into your best version of you? And start a new amazing life?
The universe is based on law of attraction. You get what you put out. You get what you vibrate. This relaxing guided sleep hypnosis will change your vibration for receiving wealth and abundance.
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