P.A. Wilson

A Question of Sanctuary

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A flood of desperate people in search of a haven. The threat of a new plague. Trapped between her ex-husband’s betrayal and a cult leader hiding a deadly secret, can Lena survive?
All Lena wanted was to live in peace. Her new family struggled to create a home in a disintegrating civilization. The dream was almost in her grasp.
Then people fleeing the gang ridden cities come demanding help she can’t give. Brian, her ex-husband, is determined to undermine her family. Scott, her lover, hungers for adventure. And a charismatic leader brings a terrible threat to her doorstep.
Being right about the future of the cities in this post-plague world is not worth the deadly challenges she faces.
A Question of Sanctuary is the third book in the Rebuilding Hope series. If you like stories of strength in the face of adversity, you will enjoy Lena’s final battle for peace.
Buy A Question of Sanctuary today and root for Lena as she struggles through overwhelming challenges to find peace.
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