The Perfect System, Syd kessler
Syd kessler

The Perfect System

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Finding Certainty and Fulfillment in the Science of Life. By the time he was thirty, Syd Kessler was a millionaire many times over, the epitome of the poor kid making good. But inside him, a hollowness was taking hold, and later, in middle age, he fell seriously ill. In the dark days of a long recovery, Kessler explored the Kabbalah and the discoveries of quantum physics, developing a system of moral principles from the truths of how the universe began and operates. His set of principles -- from Big Bang to Moral Cause and Effect to Selfless Selfishness to Closure and Energy -- are revolutionary. They will heighten your sense of self and purpose and transform your relationships in every part of your life.
Syd Kessler, one of North America’s top advertising executives and inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, is a mentor and investor in new companies. He was the principal of the major advertising companies Kessler Productions, Kessler Music Inc., The Air Company, and Supercorp (with John Labatt Ltd.).
"The Perfect System offers an aerial cartographer's view of the central mysteries of life. . . His advice is not only valuable, it is inspiring." -- Patrick Fallon, Founder, Fallon McElligott
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The Perfect System, Syd kessler



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The Perfect System, Syd kessler
The Perfect System
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