Dave Warner


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Rick Boski and Goose Gordon are small-time crims who met twenty years ago in jail in Perth, Western Australia (in the Dave Warner novel Exxxpresso). After serving his time Rick fulfilled his dream to open a prison-themed cafe (Cafe Inside) and has been extremely successful over the intervening period. Goose has done well working for mining companies and both have been on the straight and narrow. But now there are two flies in the ointment: former jailbirds Taco Bill and Pineapple Pete who have NOT gone on the straight and narrow, and who are demanding Goose uses his knowledge of alarms to help them heist an expensive oil painting from a private home. Declining is not an option, so Goose turns to Rick for help. Rick comes up with a solution. They will get a fake painting done that looks just like the painting that is going to be stolen. They will then steal the real painting first, replace it with a fake painting that Taco Bill and Pineapple Pete can happily head off with. Then they will replace the real painting and nobody will be any the wiser. It sounds like a simple plan but a love-sick artist and a vicious guard dog lead to a very smeared palate.
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