Frankie Bow

The Musubi Murder

Newly single and far from home, Professor Molly Barda just wants to stay out of trouble until she gets tenure at remote Mahina State University ("Where Your Future Begins Tomorrow!"). But then Jimmy Tanaka, the ruthless founder of the popular Merrie Musubis lunch shop, pledges a huge donation to Molly's college--and promptly disappears. Molly's bottom-line-obsessed dean tasks her with locating Tanaka (and the promised money). As Molly untangles ancient feuds and uncovers old scandals, she starts to fall for Mahina's most eligible bachelor--who happens to be the missing mogul's main competitor.
The Musubi Murder is for
mystery loversHawaii expatriatesdisillusioned academicsanyone who fancies Spam (the meat)
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