Mark Tullius

Unlocking the Cage

Discover what it Takes to Live the Life of an MMA FighterAre you a fan of MMA? Do you have a favorite fighter? Have you always wondered what is this life like? Mark Tullius, a former cage fighter and boxer, will answer all of your questions. Find out what does it take to become an MMA fighter and how difficult the life of these athletes is.
There are so many people who are uneducated about this sport. They believe that fighters are savages who like punching others. But every MMA athlete has his own background story and the reason why they decided to walk down this road.
This is not one of those fiction books that tell a story of a poor young man who decides to fight so he could escape poverty. This is a book based on the true experiences of MMA fighters. Mark travels all over the country, looking for fighters he could interview and train with.
After visiting 100 gyms and interviewing 340 fighters, Mark was able to show the world what it really means to be an MMA fighter.
Here's what you'll discover inside this book:
A Collection of True Stories: Read about the greatest achievements and biggest pitfalls of not just one, but 340 MMA fighters.The Beauty of MMA: There are not so many people in the world who have an appetite for getting punched in the face. Discover what makes MMA practitioners take up fighting for a living.The Raw Truth: Find out everything that happens in a life of MMA fighter – from sticking to a strict diet to cultivating mental strength needed to lead a fighter's life.It's time for the world to look past the stigma of violence and finally realize the real foundation of the fighting culture – discipline, resilience, and strength.
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