Rick Wood

Zombie Attack

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The infected murdered Gus Harvey’s family. He no longer sees a point in being alive. Could a lost girl in London be his salvation?
Six months after losing his family in the onset of the zombie apocalypse, Gus is living his sad, alcoholic life alone, waiting for the right time to die.
So when the prime minister asks for his help in saving his daughter, Gus doesn’t particularly jump at the opportunity. The girl is missing in London – a place so infested with zombies it has been quarantined.
Unfortunately, Gus may be the only one foolish enough to take on this impossible mission.
Could a quest to save this child give him the purpose he needs? Or will his own self-destruction become his ultimate downfall?
This is the first book of the Chronicles of the Infected trilogy, the zombie apocalypse series from horror master Rick Wood. If you enjoy terrifying zombies, badass characters and perilous situations, this is the book for you.
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Rick Wood
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