Alan MacQuarrie

Win at Life: Stay Safe

Now, more than ever, people around the world are aware of threats to their personal safety and are searching for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones.
Stay Safe will empower you, increase your awareness, and sharpen your decision making process, aid your understanding of violence, and enable you to respond quickly and effectively when facing potentially dangerous situations.

Track list
1 Introduction and Brain, Mouth, Body, 2 Apathy or Paranoia, 3 Control, be a Survivor, not a Statistic, 4 Policies and Principles to Guide your Actions, 5 Visualisation, 6 Awareness, not walking into Danger, 7 Stages of Awareness – Cooper’s Colour Code, 8 Control your Personal Space, 9 Who would want to harm me? Angry People and Predators, 10 Predators seek Victims not Opponents, 11 What can I do? Angry People, 12 Predatory Attack Rituals, 13 Hoping for the Best is not an Action Plan, 14 Multiple Attackers, 15 Personal Safety in your Vehicle, 16 The Law and Personal Protection, 17 The Fear Factor
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