Mark Tullius,Duncan Ralston

Try Not to Die: At Ghostland

#### If you thought you knew everything about Ghostland… think again. Ghostland - a massive theme park where guests get an up-close look at real ghosts using super-advanced technology. You're all having a great time until a technical glitch releases all the captured spirits, causing immediate chaos and destruction. Fight to survive, find your friends, and figure out your powers because these ghosts are confused. They're angry. And they're out for blood. Good luck getting out of Ghostland. Every choice you make today is a life and death decision. Not just for you but everyone you meet. MORE THAN TWO DOZEN WAYS TO DIE. JUST ONE CORRECT PATH. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SURVIVE? If you grew up reading Goosebumps ® or Choose Your Own Adventure ® stories, you’ll love this horror story! Find out why fans say, “I had a great time with the different decisions, even though I died a lot!” Includes the interactive version where you make a decision at the end of each chapter and also the standard version where the main story is listened to straight through with no choices.
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