Lynda Hudson

Rest and Sleep

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Does your child have difficulty sleeping? Do they become tired during the day because they have had a restless night? Do you wish you could help them to feel calm and reassured, and drift off to sleep peacefully at bedtime?
If so, this could be the solution that you are looking for. Designed for children aged eight years and above, this hypnotherapy session uses powerful visualisation techniques to help your child relax and to paint away worrying thoughts into a passing cloud. Normal night-time noises that may have previously kept them awake such as gurgling radiators or creaky stairs are re-framed with a safe and positive twist.
Expert hypnotherapist Lynda Hudson’s gentle voice calms and reassures as she enables your child to overcome their rest and sleep problems in a natural way. The language and topics are carefully chosen to appeal to children within the suggested age range. The recording should be listened in addition to rather than as a replacement for their normal bedtime routine, and regular listening is the key to success.
Lynda’s approach is based on many years as a clinical hypnotherapist and she has helped thousands of people across the world with her recordings. As the author of two widely-acclaimed books on hypnotherapy for both adults and children alike, you can be sure that your child’s healing is in the safest hands. For the best results your child should listen to this recording in a calm and quiet environment and never while you are driving. Your child’s skills and ability will develop with practice, so repeated listening is the key to success.
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