Ann Bakshis


What lengths is someone willing to go to for power? How many lives need to be destroyed or ruined to gain the highest level of control possible? Will a simple colony takeover be the answer, or do you need to hold an entire nation hostage? These are the questions everyone should be asking themselves when selecting a new premier, but no one believes someone could be that corrupt or harmful.
Hannah Barnes is just like everyone else her age, planning for a future filled with happiness and success. The approaching selection should just be like all the others: the elders will secretly vote for the next premier to govern over the colony of Navarre and there isn’t anything the colony can say about it. It’s a process that’s been going on for generations yet, somehow, this one feels different. The two candidates vying for the job have built their platforms on fear, lies, and intimidation, which everyone seems to be buying.
Hannah just wants this whole selection to be over with so life can return to normal. She never thought such an easy decision would turn her world into chaos, heartache, and betrayal of the deepest kind.
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