Tony Ford

Buccaneers of Brig O'Doon

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On Earth there is but only one time, one place and one life, or is there...In prison an ancient, dying Priest delivers to a lifer, Danny McLachan one unbelievable truth, a truth which lies beyond the realms of human comprehension...Heaven and Hell will collide in the land of dreams unless the military can be stopped. Stopped from unleashing Armageddon...In his escape, Danny recruits his reluctant brother Michael and Michael's seventeen year old daughter, Julia to embark on an age-old quest through the Scottish glens, mountains and over the seas to the Isle of Lewis. Now with the Police in hot pursuit and two deadly MI5 assassins tracking them, they are on the run and in disguise as Pirates and Buccaneers. Hiding amongst tourists and fancy dress revellers all amidst the Isles 'Festival Of The Sea', they race to prevent the greatest collision of all...But amidst their battle with the military they unwittingly throw into array the ticking clock of humanity which pulls Heaven and Hell together. And now, in fighting the battle of their lives and the salvation of mankind they discover the answer cannot be found in the greatest illusion of all life, but what lies within each one of us and themselves...
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