The Lion Sleeps Tonight - A Short Story

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Meet Colonel Quentin James Abernathy (Ret.), former member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.
Colonel Abernathy retired some years ago as a bachelor, and now lives off his pension and his family's fortune. He is quite old, and belongs to a stately London gentleman's club.
In The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Colonel Abernathy tells a tale to a club acquaintance – a tale of 1950s British Guyana in South America, and the Colonel's encounter with a lion.
But this is no ordinary lion.
This lion has been extinct for 10,000 years!
Find out what happened in that long-ago time, in the good Colonel's own words, in T. M. Bilderback's rousing adventure short story, inspired by the classic song performed by The Tokens, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, brought to life by Phillip J. Mather!
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