Reigo Vilbiks

End Procrastination Now

In this guided sleep meditation, we are going to dive deep into your mind and body. To release you from the blockages that hold you back to live your dream life.
Becoming free again, becoming the real you again, full of energy and inspiration.
Becoming the creator of your life.

So, why do you procrastinate? Or why are you lazy?
Why are you not living your dream life yet? Or, why are you pushing it away from you?
If you watch nature, you will get the answer. A beautiful flower that starts to grow from the seed allows its growth naturally. No resistance at all. It knows that the blooming is coming. The seed of this flower is feeling that flowering every moment. The seed is not waiting for the blossoming. It enjoys the feeling of it right now, at this moment. Even if it is still a seed. This little seed is vibrating like thousands of violin players who play in harmony. It is not rushing anywhere. There is nowhere to go because everything the seed is experiencing is created by his vibration. So, this little seed already knows his future, it is full blossoming, awakening, and opening..a resolution.
You feel lazy, tired or procrastinate only because you are not doing what you want to do. You are still holding on to your old habits and lifestyle. You live in a place where you probably don't want to live. You have people around you who are not inspiring you, and so on. Just Let them go, let yourself loose, free yourself and start a new life, new you right at this moment.
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