Jolie Day

His Fake Girlfriend

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The good news: I didn’t sleep with him.
The bad news: I didn’t sleep with him.

Aaron Patterson.
The wealthiest man in NYC. Devil in a three-piece suit.
The alpha of all alphas.
The first time I met him, he turned my knees to jelly with the way he looked at me.
The next time I see him, he’s threatening to take over my family business.
Are you kidding me? I’m so mad—I could strangle him.
But I’m a New York girl at the top of my game,
And I’ll be damned if some smug gazillionaire intimidates me.
To my surprise, he offers a solution:
My company in exchange for an arrangement.
He needs a fake girlfriend, and I fit the bill.
Okay, fine. I’ll pose as his "loving" girlfriend.
Anything to stop my nemesis from ruining my legacy.
The rules are clear.
#1. No kissing.
#2. No sex.
#3. No stealing my business out from under me.
I’ve got this—I’m 100% not going to be dumb and fall into his sheets.
But much as my mind says “Hell no,” my body decides it doesn’t give a damn.
His gorgeous eyes. His sizzling hotness.
Suddenly, I can’t keep my mind off of him.
Or my hands.
How did I end up in his bedroom?
I’m in big trouble.
Falling for him wasn’t part of the deal.
And all bets are off now.
Jolie Day
D.C. Cole
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