Rachel Lawson

The Nimby Invasion

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It is all out war on the Magician in this compilation of Magicians stories."To think it all started with one alien being murdered. by a magician," said Lance.
"Not the first war that started with a murder world war one for example," said Blake sadly.
"Now we are being hunted and cancelled by the greys," said Lance,
"It started peacefully but the politics and darker elements got into it," said Blake sadly.
"Most of them are passionate about their causes whatever they are," Lance said.
"I wonder if the killer was caught would their thirst for vengeance be quenched?" Blake asked hopefully.
"No, they want more than vengeance for one life! They want more than that now. It is beyond that they want nothing more than the fall of the empire and the Magicians," said Lance.

"But Lance! We have to stop them! They are trying to pull down a statue of your granddad!" Said a magician a dimension away to Lance's teenage son Lance Junior. They were watching an angry mob of grey aliens and human sympathizers. Who were trying to rip down a statue of the local hero Blue Midnight, the Emperor of the local solar system in a park.
Blue Midnight being of course Blake.
"Let them, Gabriel, to fight them would cause them to be angrier and they will turn on us! It is only a statue It is only a symbol! It is not the man," said Lance Junior in the magician's head as he dragged the mad magician away from the place.
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