Rachel Lawson

The Reapers vs the Boogieman

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"There is a dark wraith in this hospital," said a grim reaper closing the coroner's office door behind him. "You don't need too be dramatic everyone in the morgue is dead Necromancer," said the coroner.
the door opened in walked the coroner's assistant.
"and he's a reaper too," the coroner said of his assistant Dante.
"What is the Necromancer doing here you have work to do Blake," Dante said.
"He has informed me we have an illegal haunting here," said Blake, the Coroner.
"You leave it to him you have too much work to do here," said Dante.
"Dante you can help us It is a wraith we may need you," said Blake.
"A wraith? Where is it?" said Dante.
"The children's ward," said the necromancer "it comes to the children at night."
"what is it doing?" asked Blake.
"Spooking the kids," said the Necromancer.
"How do you know?" asked Dante.
"I was told by the ghost of a child I took for processing he thought I was the wraith when I took him," said the Necromancer.
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