Charles Breakfield,Rox Burkey

The Enigma Threat

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Cyber justice versus cyber peril, the way is filled with treachery.

In the new digital world, there is no tolerance for privately owned supercomputers. Globally, these mega AI-enhanced computers are hunted and destroyed for the greater good, by the new cyber police, CESPOOL. The information this group receives is manipulated by subversive hidden machine learning devices, the MAG running on the Darknet.
Judith and Xiamara, freebooters who steal machine time for their porn as a service business, are creating a business. The machine they chose for delivery is the last untapped supercomputer not in the hands of a sovereign. Their activity is spotted by the MAG!
The renegade R-Group steps in to alter the outcome. Leroy teams up with Zara to snatch these opportunists from prosecution and capture the machine to meet their goals. The geeky girls are drafted as reluctant participants in the fight for justice.
Jacob and Quip are trapped in the Chihuahuan Desert trying to reconstruct ICABOD’s logic core. The stress of their isolation is taking a toll. Their wives and children are safe in Brazil for the time being, but Interpol is prowling for answers.
R-Group assembled a way to communicate with orphaned satellites. The younger members of that team plan the ultimate honey pot to trap their nemesis who is driving their global dominance agenda. The odds are against R-Group’s success, but they have creative surprises on their side.
The stakes have never been higher. R-Group young and old must rise to defeat MAG.
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