Angela Pepper

Critter Calamity

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Someone is trying to ruin Christmas. Two of the town’s annual traditions have gone sideways so far. Now it’s starting to get personal for Zara Riddle, a witch who’s just trying to enjoy the season with her family.
In a small town full of supernaturals, it’s going to be tricky to figure out who or what has been causing such a calamity.
Zara has a list of suspects in mind, and the one at the top of the list happens to live under her own roof.
Can the Riddle family’s first Christmas in Wisteria be saved?
CRITTER CALAMITY is a short story, and may be read as a stand-alone. The events in the story take place at Christmas, between Wisteria Witches Mysteries books 12 and 13.
Critter Calamity is a paranormal mystery short story with magic and supernatural creatures in a quaint small town.
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