Bhakti Seva

The Hindu Book of Astrology

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The Hindu Book of Astrology is a book by Indian writer and astrologist Bhakti Seva. The bestseller book was published in The New York Magazine of Mysteries. In this book, the author introduces the reader to the world of astrology, what the signs mean and how could one tap into this knowledge to find out more about oneself and how to better succeed in life.

The Hindu Book of Astrology is divided into 12 main sections, one for each Zodiac sign. In the book, the author goes on to describe all the signs of the Zodiac based on many years of studying the solar system by the Indian astrologers. By studying the heavens, these scholars have managed to find a link between planets and people who are born on the date and time associated with each of them. The author believes that all people born under a certain sign will have natural tendencies, certain skills and a specific course in life.

By tapping into this knowledge, one can acquire the wisdom needed to make use of the planetary powers that influence the lives of all people. Not only is this book meant to share the astrologic knowledge accumulated by the Indian scholars throughout the centuries, but it is also meant to teach people how to make the most out of their unique inherent nature.

With this book, the readers will also be able to know who the benefic devas or angels are for their specific sign, learn how to get their aid while also acknowledging the power of will that will increase the chances of success. Learn about the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the planetary forces that affect you by reading The Hindu Book of Astrology by Bhakti Seva...
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