Howard Lovecraft,Robert E.Howard,Clark Ashton Smith,Walter De la Mare,Saki,Arlton Eadie,F.A. M. Webster,Ewen Whyte

Baffling Beasts

In App anhören
Fifteen horror stories about strange beings and behaviours that defy conventional definitions.
Warning Wings by Arlton Eadie (Weird Tales, 1929)
A seemingly insignificant white moth.
Mother of Toads by Clark Ashton Smith (WT, 1938)
An unusual witch.
The Destroying Horde by Donald Wandrei (WT, 1935)
The first BLOB story?
Caterpillars by E. F. Benson (The Room in the Tower, 1912)
Terrible things in an Italian villa.
The Urbanite by Ewen Whyte (WT, 1950)
The great city is never still.
Rats by F. A. M. Webster (At Dead of Night, 1931)
A plague of rats.
The Malignant Invader by F. B. Long (WT, 1932)
A creature from the bowels of the earth.
The Horror in the Museum by H. P. Lovecraft (WT, 1933)
A private wax museum that specialises in the grotesque.
My Father, the Cat by H. Slesar (Fantastic Universe, 1957)
A most unusual cat.
The Seeking Thing by Janet Hirsch (Magazine of Horror, 1964)
Something in the middle of the road.
They by R. B. Johnson (WT, 1936)
They dwell in Dead Man's Canyon.
The Hyena by Robert E. Howard (WT, 1928)
A man with an unusual ability.
Sredni Vashtar by Saki (The Chronicles of Clovis, 1911)
A secret in the garden shed.
Demons of the Film Colony by Theodore LeBerthon (WT, 1932)
A tale of 'Dracula' and 'Frankenstein'.
A:B:O. by Walter de la Mare (Cornhill, 1896)
The excavation of a metallic chest.
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