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Gastric Band Visualization: A Meditation and Affirmations Bundle for Weight Loss and Wellness

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Struggling with weight loss can often feel like an uphill battle, with fad diets and trending workout routines falling short of delivering lasting results.

Instead of relying on temporary fixes, this collection offers an approach that focuses on the mind-body connection, encouraging sustainable lifestyle changes through mindful practices and positive thinking.

This bundle can help you:

·      Harness the power of your subconscious for weight loss
·      Develop intuitive eating habits and ditch diet fads for good
·      Experience natural weight loss

Included Audiobooks:

1.    Gastric Band Meditation: A Visualization to Eat Less and Lose Weight Naturally by Kameta Media
2.    Your Healthy Eating Affirmations by Bright Soul Words

Chapter Overview:

1.    Meditation
2.    Daytime Affirmations
3.    Daytime Affirmations
4.    Nighttime Affirmations
5.    Nighttime Affirmations
6.    Nighttime Affirmations
7.    Nighttime Affirmations

Say yes to a transformative approach to weight loss and wellness. Start today.

How to Use:

Begin with the meditation. Meditate daily until you achieve the desired mental shift, typically within three weeks. Loop the daytime affirmations during your daily routine. Affirmation repeats are intentional and utilize principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). For optimal results, set the nighttime affirmations on repeat at a soft volume before or during sleep.
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