Kelleigh Clare

Twisted Beautiful Lies

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New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner calls Twisted Beautiful Lies “a sensual, riveting romantic thriller with dark intrigue and twists.”
They all lied. Whose lie will hurt her the most?
When my family’s secrets cost my sister her life, there’s only one person left who knows the truth and can protect me from my father’s horrifying legacy…
Will Hastings is a seductive British aristocrat with twisted secrets of his own, and as badly as I want this dangerous man, his darkness could become my downfall.
To hide from the assassins trying to end my life, Will takes me and my surviving niece to his estate in England, only to disappear later without a word. He’s out there alone, hunting the assassins who’ve already narrowed in on my location.
I can only hope he gets to them before they get to me.
While he’s gone, I’m forced to face my grief, forced to confront my feelings and the realization that I’ve given my heart to a merciless killer. Now, our one shot at survival hangs on me trading my tears for courage and finding him before he loses his life.
If only I’d known the depth of the lies and deceit before taking the leap.
Readers who love steamy romantic thrillers are calling the Hastings series a gripping, atmospheric game changer you won’t put down for anything.
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