Rachel Lawson

The Man Who Sold The World

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Good quotes from The Man Who Sold The World

"The US president has met the new rulers of the Earth," said the tv.

On the tv was President Biden looking nervously at a mean looking grey alien.

"I can't believe they surrendered to the X-zeraciens," said Blake.

"Is this the start of world war 3?" asked Biden.

"I know about Putin he won't win," said The King of the Earth.

"Ok who are you guys!" said Biden.

"... the Emperor of The Universe and his Judge!"

"Come on, man! You aren't more of them," said the president.

"No, they are invaders we are the owners of the Earth," Blake said.

The aliens translator looked nervous.

"You know of us what did he do?" ask The King the celestial emperor.

"He gave us this planet," said the alien.

"They kidnapped me," said the translator.

"You gave us this world to get back here and work with us here," said the grey.

"He's a conman," said Blake

As The Man Who Sold the World is a very short piece book includes Bad Omens and Rogue of Honor or The Assassin a similar longer short stories by same author from the same series.
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